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Choose your experience with Leandra

Energy Intuitive

In a one hour session you will receive intuitive guidance as Leandra tunes into your energy and your soul blue print. You will receive information that you most need  to hear for your highest good. Leandra will connect with your ancestors and guides to give you the wisdom you need at this time in you life
Cost:  $180 per hour

Tarot readings

Using the Ancient wisdom of the Sacred Tarot you will receive Divine Guidance as Leandra guides you with her gifts as an energy intuitive to receive the wisdom you most seek.
Cost: $180 per hour

Tarot Readings Group Bookings

For 3 or more people in person only.

NB: These bookings will be one person at a time.

Please contact Leandra on 0418111963 or email to make appointments. 

Cost: $75 per half hour

Bio Sonic Attunement with Divine Essences

Enjoy the healing sounds of the Bio Sonic Tuning Forks that are set to specific frequencies and ratios. This session will align your energy field, while balancing both hemispheres of the brain.
Relax as you unwind in this harmonising session, calming and regulating your nervous system, combining Divine Essence Sprays to balance your Auric energy field.

Cost: $90 per half hour

Energy Alignment Session

Including Cranio Sacral Balance and Chakra Balance with Aura Soma Essences. 

Enjoy a divine session that aligns your Body, Mind, and Soul. This therapeutic balancing session will calm your whole system and allow healing to flow.

Cost: $180 per hour


Leandra uses her gifts as an energy intuitive and her qualifications in :
EFT (emotional freedom tapping), Art therapy, Journalling, Somatic Energy Healing and Counselling, to guide you as you traverse the challenges of every day life.
When you commit to mentoring sessions with Leandra you will  create a tool box of self empowering, healing skills and practices to support you.
Cost: $180 per hour


What They Say

“Leandra is a fresh, fun and deeply insightful Tarot Reader. I experienced a powerful healing shift in myself, as she accessed a depth of truth that resonated with and recalibrated my being at the very core. She works with great integrity, light and kindness and has a refreshing clarity, communicating the messages of Spirit with the utmost care and honesty. “

Azriel Re’Shel Byron Bay, Australia 

“I have known Leandra for three years now and over that time I have had psychic readings with her, I have received energy healing with her after I had surgery. Leandra has showed me ways to deal with past trauma, heartbreak and other baggage. I have learnt to journal and the benefits from doing so. I have also done two tarot courses with her and met other like minded people. Leandra has many qualifications and years of experience and I’m so thankful and grateful for what she has done for me. I truly feel I have inner peace and I have grown so much spiritually.”

Linda Rees
Akama Resort Hervey bay

“Previously I hadn’t met a psychic or clairvoyant worth my time or money. I had found that they were completely inaccurate and didn’t understand me. Then two years ago I met Leandra on a trip to Byron Bay on referral from a friend of mine. I found her warm, friendly, inviting, sensitive, highly tuned, extremely accurate, and a great sense of humour. Even though Byron Bay isn’t close to where I live, I have been to see Leandra a number of times, as she is well worth the time and effort to visit her. Each time her glimpses of my future have come to pass without exception. She has also taught me a few exercises to assist me in my day-to-day life. I hope our paths cross for many years to come.”

Obe Mossop, Brisbane

 “I am speaking from my heart. I have had some sessions with Leandra, which include journaling, role playing,  inspirational guidance,  etc. These sessions,  with her unique compassion,  began freeing my heart and mind from a past I didn’t think I could leave. I am beginning a new life, better than I ever imagined or planned. Leandra encouraged and coached me to be bold, to be true to my own self. My life is becoming magically amazing. Thank you Leandra.”


Author, Australia / India