CD: Sound Alchemy

Leandra : : CD - Sound Alchemy
  1. Leave your Fear
  2. Magic in the Music
  3. Come on Spirit
  4. Little One
  5. Origins of Light
  6. Get Ahead
  7. Sound Alchemy
  8. Heart Song
  9. Earth Angels
  10. Honour Your Shine
  11. Celestial Sounds

    Sound Alchemy CD – $25 inc p&h

    An accomplished musician, Leandra has recorded two CDs, Sound Alchemy and Freedoms Call.

    Sound Alchemy, which was nominated for an ABC Music Award in Best World Music, combines song and sonic meditations for inner journeying.

    Freedoms Call is a meditation CD featuring Native American flute, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and vocals.