MP3: Makamea Mele

Makamea Mele means “darling song” in Hawaiian.This divine co creation between myself (Leandra) and Michael Hammer was recorded at Whale Song Sanctuary in Kealakakua Bay, Kona Hawaii on the 13th of February 2012. Enjoy this divine angelic blessing a divine journey meditation.

The song was named the next morning when I was woken and asked to help feed the goats by Suzette who takes care of literally everything at the retreat.

So I waited at the top of the enclosure as I was asked, while Suzette went to the bottom of the paddock and when she returned she had in her arms two new born kids. She told me that the mother goat had so loved the music being recorded that she went down behind the hut and gave birth to the babies where she had rested to the music. We named each kid. One Makamea (darling) and the other Mele (song). Makamea has a heart shaped mark on his nose. So perfect for a valentine day baby, and so in honor of the birth this recording was named after them. I hope you enjoy the divine sounds where the angelic and mermaid frequencies combine and harmonising together.

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