Tarot Card Readings

Leandra combines skills in clairvoyance and Tarot reading to bring truth and insight to your path, revealing the light that shines within. A gifted Tarot reader, Leandra connects with you on a soul level providing deep insight and wisdom to facilitate greater awareness of your true path. Leandra’s intention is to empower you, working with honesty and integrity to illuminate your life with clarity. She creates a safe and loving space where you can experience time away from the pressures of the world.

The Tarot speaks the Truth

The Tarot is a doorway into your personal world, highlighting your true potential. Take a powerful journey as the cards tell your story through colour, signs and symbols. Tarot card reading is an ancient craft that blends visual expression with sacred wisdom.



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Previously I hadn’t met a psychic or clairvoyant worth my time or money. I had found that they were completely inaccurate and didn’t understand me. Then two years ago I met Leandra on a trip to Byron Bay on referral from a friend of mine. I found her warm, friendly, inviting, sensitive, highly tuned, extremely accurate, and a great sense of humour. Even though Byron Bay isn’t close to where I live, I have been to see Leandra a number of times, as she is well worth the time and effort to visit her. Each time her glimpses of my future have come to pass without exception. She has also taught me a few exercises to assist me in my day-to-day life. I hope our paths cross for many years to come.

Obe Mossop, Brisbane


Leandra is a fresh, fun and deeply insightful Tarot Reader. I experienced a powerful healing shift in myself, as she accessed a depth of truth that resonated with and recalibrated my being at the very core. She works with great integrity, light and kindness and has a refreshing clarity, communicating the messages of Spirit with the utmost care and honesty.
Azriel Re’Shel Byron Bay, Australia