Sound Alchemy Healing

“Sound expands your consiousness, it bypasses your mental noise and allows you to know what lies within you that has been hidden in all the activity of life”

Leandra leads workshops, and offers private sessions internationally, guiding people through sound and energy. She opens hearts and minds to whole new realities and supports you to see yourself through the eyes of love and understanding.

“Sound lifts your frequency and releases emotional blocks. It unwinds the body and aligns your whole energy system.”

Leandra will guide you on a journey of relaxation, regeneration and alignment with peace and harmony using the power of sound.Her workshops are joyful and expansive journeys that take you to your core. Through sound you will open yourself and discover the power and the beauty of expressing your authentic self.

“Our innate nature is Joy and through my work I invite you remember your true essence then take it out into the world and Shine”


Leandra : : CD - Sound Alchemy
In a private session with Leandra you will experience healing tones that change your physical, energetic and emotional frequency taking you to the deepest level of relaxation and stillness allowing a space for release and transformation.

In combination with her beautiful sacred vocal tones and harmonics Leandra will also envelop you in the profound sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. She also uses sweet toned tuning forks that are precisely tuned to specific ratios in alignment with deep frequency shifts and Native American flutes to bring you back from your blissful journey.

Leandra is a member of the Sound Healers Association USA.

An accomplished musician, she has recorded two CDs, Sound Alchemy and Freedom’s Call. Sound Alchemy, which was nominated for an ABC Music Award in Best World Music, combines song and sonic meditations for inner journeying. Freedom’s Call is a meditation CD featuring Native American flute, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and vocals.

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Leandra : : Sound Alchemy

“Leandra is blessed with a fluent understanding of energy and her oneness with the universe. In my experience of Leandra’s sound healing I felt my body vibrating with her amazing voice. It was a moving and transforming experience. I felt safe the entire time and nurtured afterwards, she takes on both the blessing and responsibility of her gifts. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to access the talents of this beautiful woman and wonderful healer. I believe, if you allow it, she will move mountains.”

Emma Royle, The Lucky Wonders, Byron Bay