Cranio Sacral Energy Sessions

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a deeply nurturing and relaxing experience that aids you physically, mentally and emotionally it is a non-intrusive hands on therapy that works with the entire body structure, physiology, mind and spirit.

Leandra blends the powerful healing of AURA-SOMA® Pomanders and Quintessences with the divine experience of a Cranio Sacral session. In a session Leandra works with the Cranio Sacral System, which includes the soft tissue of the head (cranium), the spine down to its tail end (the sacral area) and the pelvis, your body unwinds and realigns while releasing stress and trauma.

The high vibration AURA-SOMA® essences, Pomanders and Quintessences work with the auric field providing support and protection, also repairing any damages or imbalances. Not only do the divine scents send you into peaceful bliss but the whole energetic body is supported.




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“I arrived for a Cranio Sacral session with sharp pains striking my body with every step forward.  I was in serious pain, my body refusing to go on with my current state of being.

Leandra gently worked with my body, listening to my tissue, and hearing my heart’s pain.

With her unique way of seeing, in a sacred space of integrity and love, Leandra brought my body, mind and heart back into alignment.

With my permission, Leandra lead me safely to the raw, hurting parts of me, worked her magic, and lead them gently back into softness.

If you are ready, she will journey with you toward miracles.”