Interview with Sean O’Shea

I love the double flute you are playing, can you tell me more about your relationship with this instrument.

My Native American flute with two chambers is a sacred instrument. Beautiful harmonics flow out due to the second chamber, with so many complementary sounds. It is always a blissful experience to play this divine instrument.

The tones and the frequencies that can be played with the double chamber flute vary depending on breath intensity so there is an ever unfolding matrix of sounds. When playing I feel transported and become one with the flute. I don’t play the flute, It plays me. I literally become the vessel for whatever sounds want to be expressed through the flute. When I play I disappear, entering an altered state.

I have witnessed people being healed by music constantly and to be a conduit is a profound gift and blessing.

Can you tell me about your connection with the whales and dolphins and how this affects your creativity?

My connection with the dolphins and whales is so intrinsic. I feel at one with them when I swim with them and even when I listen to their sounds. The dolphins and the whales have enhanced my life to no end. Being immersed in their sounds and consciousness has woken me up, expanded my own consciousness and lifted my frequency.

I cannot imagine my life without them and feel sad when I leave them. Not that we are ever apart. They communicate telepathically and have taught me so much. My creativity is truly inspired by them, I enter into an altered state of consciousness when I create, it is the same feeling as being in their world.

Dolphins to me are sheer Joy and joy is a huge part of my expression in the world. Playfulness resonates in my teaching and even my music. When I lead people through a process of unfolding I always invoke joy. The whales taught me presence. True presence and in this space we are the portal for all that can be created. Swimming with the whales is such a breath taking experience. They are so massive and yet you forget that, because the peace and stillness and awe over takes you. So much happens for me with them, my whole body acoustically changes, energy shifts in me and I feel changed in my cells and consciousness. I have a deep gratitude and connection with these amazing beings. I can feel them looking into me with their big beautiful eyes and when you look into a whales eye you know you are looking into pure consciousness. Whales are the keepers of wisdom, the record keepers. The babies are so curious and want to explore the strange humans and the adults hold the space and allow them to play. I have swum side by side with a male juvenile whale and merged with his energy. We rolled onto our sides belly to belly and the energy was so strong. His power and life force was awesome. Whales showed me the grid lines of the earth. They communicate in pictures to me like holographic visuals. I guess like the effect of a 3d movie.

My perception has never been the same since my first journey with the dolphins and whales. They taught me vibration, frequency and alignment. I hear, see and feel so completely. My sensory self is amplified and believe me there is so much more than meets the eye. Creatively this has opened my whole world up.

Are you inspired by the sounds you may have heard from the whales and dolphins you have swum with?

Some sounds and frequencies dolphins and whales emit are beyond what the human ear has the capacity to hear. Being in their sounds changed my inner ear, my brain, my nervous system and my ability to hear. I could suddenly hear sounds that I had never experienced before and knew my voice could not contain or no instrument can make, these are sounds that are vibrations and energies. Everything has a sound, a frequency. I listen to the sound of the earth, the trees and the stars. I hear the sound in everything.

The sounds of the dolphins and the whales are like home for me. They resonate so deeply in my soul and body that I drink theses sounds in for hours. They have inspired me with the frequencies I create and they have deepened my understanding of sound as a healing tool. As a sound alchemist using my voice to heal, knowing the power of sound and feeling the frequencies they emit into your body as they scan you is like learning from a master.

Their sounds are a whole language that I can tune into to open myself to an expanded consciousness. It’s like walking through a portal into another realm of sonic vibration that is healing and empowering.

The dolphins and whales opened my world and senses allowing me to tap into a stream of consciousness that is beyond time and space. I feel them call to me like calling me home. Their sounds sing my soul.

Does this piece of music have a title?

Migration Home: for whales the journey home is fraught with danger and still they must take it, guiding their new calves home. Not unlike the journey home to ourselves that can be challenging to say the least, but ohh the rewards when we arrive.

What does it feel like when your creativity is flowing?

When I am in the creative flow I, me, the personality that I am dissolves and I become whatever I am creating. It is a deeply peaceful space and a feeling of ultimate expansion. My insides breathe into these more open spaces and I marvel at the grace that pours through, as I am no longer in the way.  Depending what kind of creative process it is I feel a deep joy within that I am in communion with the greater existence of myself. Or as I say to friends I’m hanging out with the Big Kahuna or playing with God. Nothing is more sacred to me when I know it is not the little Me but something I am almost experiencing for the first time ever as it presents itself to me. Like ‘here Leandra let God show you this’.

How do you tap into this creativity?

How do I tap in to creativity?. hmmm I drop in to it. If its music I still myself then listen. I wait until I hear it, then I play, knowing I am aligned with a true frequency of creation. My inner ear is the radar.

I get inspired by the wildest things. I hear music in the pipes when I have shower. I see a symphony in the stars. My dog inspires me all the time. He is soooo funny. Love inspires me. I’m also sooo visual, I can sometimes see something that triggers a whole flow of ideas and inspiration.

So the creative zone is ever present, it is about giving myself the space to create and blocking out the rest of the world. Then the joy is in the sharing of what has been created from the meditative journey home to self and source. I love being a creative being. The zone is definitely HOME.