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Interview with Sean O’Shea

I love the double flute you are playing, can you tell me more about your relationship with this instrument.

My Native American flute with two chambers is a sacred instrument. Beautiful harmonics flow out due to the second chamber, with so many complementary sounds. It is always a blissful experience to play this divine instrument.

The tones and the frequencies that can be played with the double chamber flute vary depending on breath intensity so there is an ever unfolding matrix of sounds. When playing I feel transported and become one with the flute. I don’t play the flute, It plays me. I literally become the vessel for whatever sounds want to be expressed through the flute. When I play I disappear, entering an altered state.

I have witnessed people being healed by music constantly and to be a conduit is a profound gift and blessing.
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Migration Home

The humpback whales are slowly migrating south after spending the winter in warmer waters….we wish them a safe journey home with their newborns. Leandra Gurbiel-Milan plays her hauntingly beautiful flute to one of Sean O’Shea’s most powerful paintings. Sean took the footage recently on one of his Byron walks.

Check out the divine art of Sean O’Shea here: